Thanks for your interest in 301ads, a fast and affordable ad server, but we are no longer accepting new users, and our SaaS ad server offering has reached the end of ifs life.

When we originally launched, as a custom fork of the Revive open ad server, our goal was to address many of the pain points in ad serving - mostly the technical costs and burdens associated with being able to scale a traditional relational database ad serving product vertically in real time, for unpredictable usage patterns across networks of hundreds of publisher sites around the world.

Overtime, though, the need for our product has declined as Revive itself as become simpler to scale and deploy and, perhaps even more so, as the end of Flash and a desktop-dominated world is near, and ads move to the new LEAN standards, we simply didn't have the passion or the resources to undertake the massive technical overhauls necessary to adapt to becoming an ad server platform for the mobile era.

We will continue to honor all of our existing contracts with clients and offer full support until the end of those contracts, but encourage all of our clients to begin looking for alternative ad server products to begin their migrations as soon as possible.

The Team